Friday, October 8, 2010

Weight Loss Pills: Do they actually work?

They look innocent enough, but what's really inside weight loss pills? Do they actually work? If they don't work, why do so many people use them?


  1. The thing about those pills is that you don't lose weight by taking them, you lose weight because when you take them you don't feel the need to eat (as often), which will reduce your weight, regardless. Might not work on some people who still feel the need to eat, or just eat for the fun(!) of it.

  2. doubt it but would like to find one that does

  3. the ones with uppers in them sure do work.

  4. Doubt they work, I'd like some if they did.

  5. i think theyll just give you cancer

  6. no they dont they have tons of side effects

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