Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pepsi Max Mojito ?!

I just learned about Pepsi Max Mojito. Has anyone ever tried this? I'm rather intrigued. Pepsi Max and rum sounds pretty good right now...hmmm...

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fatal Attractions

Currently watching this show on animal planet.

Its pretty good.  I think its funny how people just keep tigers in their apartments and think nothing will go wrong.

I love how the stories always end with someone getting mauled.

Dried Apple Crisps

wonder if these are anywhere near as good as potato chips:

Ding 50!


I love you all.

In celebration Im going to write a story of my adventures with an imaginary dollar that will be posted later today.

Febreze: My Car Thanks You

So my mom gave me a bottle of Febreeze To Go. It's a slightly odd gift, but after dowsing my car with it, I am happy to report that I can breathe again. Seriously...what do they put in Febreeze, and why did I have to spend my childhood gagging to potpourri?

Pepsi fighting Coke

my gf loves pepsi. my best friend loves coke. this is dedicated to them:

Etrian Odyssey III

I have become super addicted to this game.  I love an old school dungeon crawler more than I love food.  Making my desired party took up a day or two at least.

I think this game really added a lot to the series that EO2 failed to do.

Im going with a Princess/Hoplite/Ninja/Wildling/Zodiac as my group currently.  I may kick my zodiac out depending on how she does.

The farmer class really helps with farming as well.  Nothing better than sidelining your farmers with the gain exp out of combat skill and just bringing them out when you need money.

anyone else play or own this game?