Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Drunken Soulmates

So I have a friend named Jared.  Hes a pretty big guy.  Not one you would see getting all the hot girls.  The strange thing is, he tends to somehow do it.  Hes been hanging out with a girl that is currently dating some alpha male prime.  She has been spending a lot of time in the hot tub with him.  One day she gets super drunk and talks about how hes her soul mate and that she needs to escape before she jumps his bones and gets in trouble.

This is kinda interesting to me, because Jared didn't even try to bring this on.  It comes to show that some people are just seeking to become soul mates with someone regardless of the reasoning.

Who knows, they may be soul mates after all?


  1. Well shes probably really clingy, and needs a man in her life.

  2. wow thats interesting
    i had a bro who could get any chick, not alpha male, with out even trying
    and weirdly enough he found this one chick that was really beat compared to other chicks he got and he believed she was hit sole mate

    even talked about getting married and shit

    people are weird. keep up the posts.

  3. Sometimes over looks, certain dudes can just throw off those vibes. Can't explain it

  4. no no, not people are weird. the women are :F